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    Settings up Solarwinds with NTA

    marco van der have

      Hello ,


      I am currently trying to find out what amount of IOPS are generated by NTA DB to be able to establish what disk setup i should use.

      I cant only find one piece of information which states the following in a FAQ file:

      Q: What are IOPS requirements for NTA Flow Storage Database server? The following measured values

      can only be used as recommendations and raw estimates. The number of flows per second (fps) cannot be

      directly translated into inserts per second (ips) as the ratio varies for individual customers.

      @ 140 ips (inserts per second), corresponding to about 0.5k-4k fps (using 95% top talker):

      100 IOPS for reading data

      30 IOPS for storing data

      @ 30,000 ips, corresponding to about 50k-70k fps (using 95% top talker):

      1,000 IOPS for reading data

      450 IOPS for storing data


      Right now we have a 500 element license for NPM and for NTA.

      If one uses best practises what would the amount of IOPS be that are generated?


      +edit+ not to forget we also have SAM, UDT, NCM and IPAM


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