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    Multiple Installs and Licensing


      Our procurement department is very interested in utilizing WHD as an approval tracking system until we get a solution in place that is actually designed as a PO system.


      If we install WHD on a new server can you add existing techs to that install or would you need to purchase more licensing?  So we would purchase 2 for the new PO techs but we have 19 tech licenses that utilize WHD for what it was actually designed to do and I'm curious if say I can count my license on their new WHD PO install.....if that makes sense?


      That way we can train and admin the actual product a little easier and brand it differently then just as a "tech support" help desk.


      I'd even be curious as to whether or not we could utilize the same DB or if we would have to create a new instance for that?



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          Or could we present a different "public" facing website via the existing install that is just branded differently?


          Hope I'm making sense.

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            Since WHD is licensed by technician you could add tech licenses to your existing key and add your procurement team to your existing instance.


            You could also create a new WHD instance but your license key can only be associated with a single install.  If you created a 2nd instance you could copy your existing DB over to the procurement instance if you'd like.


            I'll give you a call to get more details and we can figure out which option would be best suited for you guys.