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    SolarWinds products with malware threat, intrusion detection features

    stelo techno

      Is it possible to get a reasonable ROI, productivity or efficiency by purchasing a solar winds product to perform Intrusion Protection System (IDS) functions? IF so I would like to know before I by the IDS so as not to include those features on the IDS (s\w) purchase.

      Currently we have a production Network Performance Monitor (NPM11) running on site and are interested in  "Netflow Traffic Analyzer" (NTA) to integrate and enhance the NPM security features. Mainly to identify malware threats and \ or intrusion detection. Since we don't have a IDS or IPS (other than ePO AV) I am curious as to the Solarwinds products that can perform some of those IDS \ IPS features. Some of the descriptions of solarwinds products indicate that might be the case, including NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), Bandwidth Analyzer Pack.