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    Netflow reports




      I understand that NTA can't work without NPM. Currently we have both installed.

      I want the users to access and create netflow reports only from NTA database and not to have access to see or create NPM reports

      I gave users access to netflow tab only in the Web console and they can't see network tab.

      How can I give some of them access to create netflow reports from netflow database but not see or create NPM reports / views?


      What if I unchecked "enable CBQoS polling ", will that work and will it impact netflow data?

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          first you need to create a folder on the Orion server for NTA reports,


          C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Reports


          Then go back to the Orion web - login with Admin >> edit the Accounts on Manage Account >> set the folder permission >> drop down and put it on the folder you created.


          Then give them access to the tab for Report >> edit their menu bar and put reports.

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              So if I do the above, will the user have access to NTA database and NTA reports only?

              I mean they won't be able to access NPM database, sew NPM CBQoS kpis, or create reports  (for example router utilization which is usually comes from NPM not NTA )


              Thank you

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                  yes...If you will access that path - it is the general folder for reports. Creating a folder on that folder limiting the user that he/she can access only the content on which folder he/she has assign to. Also he/she can also just save on that assigned folder.