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    Adding DetailsURL link to web report for Top DHCP scopes in IPAM


      Below is the text for a web-based report, using SQL code.  The report lists the top 25 scopes -- on each of our four DHCP servers --  with scope utilization over 90%. 


      SELECT TOP 25

      MAX(IPAM_GroupReportView.GroupId) AS NetObjectID,

      IPAM_GroupReportView.FriendlyName AS Name, [PercentUsed] AS 'IP Space Used', [AvailableCount] AS 'IPS Available', [UsedCount] AS 'IPS Used'

      FROM IPAM_GroupReportView

      WHERE ( ( (IPAM_GroupReportView.Address LIKE '10.%') AND (IPAM_GroupReportView.GroupType = 'DHCP Scope') AND (IPAM_GroupReportView.CIDR <= 27) AND (IPAM_GroupReportView.PercentUsed > 90)) and parentid in (31889,31890,29236, 29598))

      group by IPAM_GroupReportView.FriendlyName, [PercentUsed], [AvailableCount], [UsedCount]

      ORDER BY PercentUsed DESC


      The report looks great and accurate.  However, I need to add links to each scope, so we could drill down and get specifics on the usage for each DHCP scope.  I know I need to use DetailsURL but I keep getting "Query not valid" when I try to preview.  It would be much better if the wizard told me exactly what's wrong with the query and provided some examples.  Anyway, can you tell me what am I doing wrong?  I would very much appreciate to be enlightened on this matter.  Thanks!!!