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    SOAP reports


      Hello Forum (actually MacNugetz)...


      This is a tricky one I think. I've successfully used all the status and config groups in the SOAP API except for the final one for reports. I was hoping to be able to create a report on the fly something like that created by the "View Report" button on the edit monitor page. The ReportListDesc seems to return a list of report publishers instead of reports. I've played around a little but haven't understood well what I can do with those report SOAP calls. Do you still have any of your back-end team who created them who could point me in the right direction i.e. if it's possible to generate dynamic reports for emailing, and what the sequence is?


      I've already asked this question as a support request but, as I had expected, they said SOAP is no longer supported and to try on twack.


      Many thanks,