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    Poller for "LinuxAteMyRam" now available!

    Leon Adato

      At long last! Fans of bobross (a.k.a "BobRoss", the user on Thwack, not to be confused with "RobBoss" the YouTube celebrity: The Joy of Whiteboarding with Rob Boss - Happy Network - YouTube) as well as sysadmins who want to see the "right" values for Linux RAM can use this Poller in place of the SolarWinds standard. Download it here:




      This poller calculates RAM as: 1 – (memAvailReal / memTotalReal)


      ...rather than the SolarWinds calculation of: 1 - ((memAvailReal + memBuffer + memCache) / memTotalReal)


      Using the new(ish) "Manage Pollers" option in NPM, you can apply this to any nodes you want, and have the "default" RAM values populated with this calculation.