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    DHCPv6 Support


      Am I wrong to assume that IPAM should pull IPv6 Scopes from Windows DHCP servers? The Datasheet does not specifically say so either way.


      I cannot get it to work. Is it working for anyone else?


      We are still deploying IPv6 across our Enterprise, and do not have full IPv6 routability to all DHCP servers. But I though the info could be pulled via IPv4 WMI.


      Perhaps it's a Windows rights issue on the scopes? We are not allowed to use Domain Admin credentials for anything but interactive logins, so we have a service account that currently has only read access to DHCP until people get comfortable about letting IPAM handle rights assignments.



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          I found out you have already entered the feature request -- https://thwack.solarwinds.com/ideas/3939.




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              I'm just assuming DHCPv6 is not supported, and so I put in the enhancement request. In the mean time, if it is NOT supported, I think customers would appreciate the datasheet saying so.


              The IPAM team has been pretty good at following up on other requests - they added pulling neighbor tables from devices whose SNMP MIBs support that. Alas, many, if not most Cisco devices do not support it.


              If SW could get neighbor tables via SSH, that would be sweet! It's a lot to parse - and NX-OS doesn't even put each entry on its own line! It's like Cisco is trying to prevent IPv6 from happening in the enterprise.


              So for now, IPAM for IPv6 really doesn't do much more for us than a spreadsheet would. There's mumbling about InfoBlox doing it all ... for a price.