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    cisco small business modify config does not work


      While running a Device.CLI.Modify Config job to modify the management access-list on Cisco SF-500 SmallBusiness  switches there are errors and waiting times:


      Waiting for an echo of permit ip-source mask service snmp command

      Waiting for an echo of <Ctrl-Z> command

      Waiting for a response to: copy run start


      The cli commands are tested manually and are OK, but appearantly cattools does not receive what it expects.


      Using cattools 3.10.0 (Enterprise)


      SWITCH#sh ver

      SW version ( date  02-May-2013 time  14:56:31 )

      Boot version ( date  23-Jul-2012 time  10:32:34 )

      HW version    V02


      SWITCH#sh system

      System Description:                       24-Port 10/100 PoE Stackable Managed Switch