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    WHD - Auto assign question


      Hello we are just setting up WHD for the first time and I have a couple of questions I hope someone can help with.


      We are going to auto assign emailed calls to our first line help desk. Which is two techs one 08.00-16.30 and the other 09.00-18.00 Monday to Friday. We have set the work schedule for both engineers so tickets during the week are assigned as we would like. My questions is what happens with tickets that come in over night or over the weekend? I have sent a test but currently it is showing with no Tech assigned. Will the manager of the group have to manually assign the tickets on Monday morning or will they auto assign when an Tech comes on shift?


      My second question is to do with permissions to see other Techs calls. I know the manager of the group can see everyones calls. But is it possible to give more than one Tech the Manager permission or to let another Tech have permissions to see all the calls that are active, or do you need to use the search option / dashboard?


      Sorry if it is a stupid question. Thanks Mike.

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          Mike - I can add my experiences and limited knowledge as we are new users.  Just went into production this week.


          We have work schedules setup for most Techs.  Most common is 7AM-4PM and 9AM-6PM.  So the auto assignment will find all Techs that are available during these scheduled hours and make them eligible for assignment (other factors come into play here too - location, department, load balance, round robin).  If no Techs are available, WHD will assign to the (Tech) Group Manager.  I setup the Group Manager for all Tech Groups to be our IT Help Desk.


          If IT Help Desk gets a ticket, they check the request type against our checklist (in Excel) and if it is not a request they can complete, they look up who is on-call for that Request Type (in the same Excel list) and re-assign the ticket to that person.  Depending on priority, the new tech may get a SMS/text or just an e-mail.


          This setup allows us to avoid having the Help Desk manually assign all tickets received during the "working" hours.


          For your second question - Under Tech Permissions, if the selection for Limit to Assigned Tech Groups is checked, then the Techs can see all tickets.  If checked, what they see is limited to the tech groups they are a member of.



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