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    Parent - Child dependencies and Email Alerts


      I have been trying to set up this parent - child dependencies thing....  but have not been able to.


      Maybe I'm looking at this from a wrong angle, but what I would like to do seems pretty straight forward...


      One example is a Cisco Nexus device currently being monitored in NPM, also set up "Alert me when node goes down" email alert.


      I am also monitoring about 200 interfaces on this device, and these interfaces are part of "Alert me when an interface goes down" email alert.



      Whenever one of those interface goes down, I am always happy to see that we receive an email alert about it.


      The problem is when the node goes down.....   and I receive an email from each one of those 200 interfaces...



      We are running NPM 11.0.1 and I would like to set these interfaces as "children"   meaning the "Parent" would be the Nexus device.  For alerting purposes, I would like to set something like this:


      IF (interface) is "down"

      and (Parent_Node) is up

      then send (Interface_down) alert



      IF (interface) is "down"

      and (Parent_Node) is down

      then send (Node_down) alert


      How can I do this?    or how can I avoid the trigger of the 200 (interface_down) alerts when I already know the device is down (and its obvious the interfaces would be down too)



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          You should not need to get fancy with the interface down alert since the interfaces on a down node should automatically be placed into an "unreachable" status. What I suspect is that your down interface alert trigger is set to fire immediately. That could cause an interface to be polled as down before the parent node is officially set to a down status. If that happens, the dependency would not yet have been applied and you could get the interface down alert.


          I would try setting a threshold of 1 or 2 interface polling intervals on the Trigger tab and see if that eliminates the false interface down alerts.

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              Question. I have a dependency set up. Core switch as the parent, multiple servers in a group as the child.I have the polling interval set to 120 seconds for the switch and 180 for the servers.


              But I still get multiple alerts when the switch goes down.The only thing I can think of is that no matter what I try I never get any alerts under the 'Alerts on Child' tab. I've tried multiple alert types. Should I be seeing something under this tab? Or do you only see something there if the device is actually down? All of the info I've found relating to dependencies seem to indicate that you don't need to do anything with alerts specifically, as long as you have alerts that work? Is that correct?


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              Up for this topic.




              I also want to set dependencies. My lease line router would be the Parent and all equipment after the router are the childs. I have created the dependencie for all my sites but I still get alter on all equipement when they are down including the router... Can someone give me some help, It's the first time I work with solarwind. Maybe I have to create special Alters for dependencies... I juste find information about creating a dependency and nothing else, like all what to do is to add parents, chills and that it...


              Thanks for your help.