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    ICMP Node doesn't go to Unreachable status when dependency alert is triggered


      Hi everyone.


      I'm facing an annoying issue: in a dependency that has an ICMP node as a child object, when the parent object alerts, the child object doesn't turn from down to unreachable status. Even when the child object is a group and within this group there is an ICPM node, the status remains as down (node's status, only). There are cases where I have SNMP and ICMP nodes within the same group as a child object of a dependency, and the parent object from its dependency goes down turning the child object (the group) to unreachable status, but all the ICMP nodes within this group remains in down status whereas the SNMP nodes are unreachable.





      Does anybody know how to fix it? Isn't it possible to use ICMP nodes in dependencies?