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    Top 25 events full of useless info




      I have no desire to know whether end point interfaces are going up or down, as users turn their pcs on, nor do I need to know if the interface speed has changed,can I not select what info I want to display on the Events list?  Theres much more important info Id rather be made aware of.. is this section not configurable at all??


      Is there a way to simply supress this info??  I believe I can change how interface status is reported by showing down interfaces as unplugged, but unfortunately this isn't a global command and when I try to apply to 8k interfaces, SW throws a fit!  I can run a DB query (not that I have any idea how to do this, but sure google will be my friend) and edit the setting for historical info but will have to either redo this, or remember to change this setting on newly discovered devices, so this is workable.


      Interface speed is a different kettle of fish altogether, as if disable "Interface Change" to supress this info, I may loose lots of other info to, but can confirm what this may be, does anyone know what variables are contained within "Interface Change" information?


      Anyone else got any suggestions?