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    Alert Central stopped sending emails


      I have searched the forums and see that this is an issue that has been dealt with and none of the resolutions have worked that I have read at least. My Alert Central quits sending emails randomly. The last time before yesterday was November. We have rebuilt the alert and email sources, and restart the service. It works but is a pain. I am needing to know if there is a fix or a way to monitor that using another tool. Last night there were critical alerts that were not received and I am getting the questions. Logs show nothing. The last alert received from AC was at 10:38pm 1-20-15. If anyone has experience fixing this or an idea for a fix or a monitoring suggestion please let me know.

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          According to logs (the log bundle contains logs only from 22th January 2015) the sent emails return with delivery status notification (AC sends the mail using SMTP server and the monitored email account gets a delivery failure notification mail). Check the SMTP server logs. Also you can try to send a message to destinations using the SMTP server. Here is relevant part from the log file:


          09:03:59.858 [WorkflowQueue Listener-2]  WARN c.s.o.w.WorkflowControllerImpl - Processing notification failure: notifId=131177, alertId=0, error=null

          09:04:01.472 [EmailPoller-1]  WARN c.s.o.email.utils.EmailParserUtils - Unsupported content-type: message/delivery-status

          09:04:01.472 [EmailPoller-1]  WARN c.s.o.email.utils.EmailParserUtils - Unsupported content-type: message/rfc822

          09:04:02.359 [EmailPoller-1]  INFO c.s.oncall.email.EmailPollerImpl - The email is a delivery-status report.

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