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    How to properly delete a "DNS Zone"


      I (now) manage IPAM but I did not set any of it up so my knowledge of how it works is minimal. I read read docs and couldn't find specifically what I wanted to know so...


      Details: (We have IPAM 4.1)

      We have several DNS Zones in IPAM that have an "Unreachable" status (because a domain has been removed), as well as some other zones that are not appearing to update  (old "Last Zone Transfer" times, or "Dynamic Update" is set to "No Update").  These zones mostly have "Zone Type" set to Primary (some have Secondary) and the "Lookup Type" is either Forward or Reverse.


      In the IPAM Summary page we have *many* red and yellow events about zone transfers being cancelled or "not responding".



      - I feel I can just select the zones that are marked  "Unreachable" or "No Update" and delete them via the "Remove DNS Zones" button, but does this "talk back" or do *anything* to the associated DNS server these zones are attached to (like cause *any* changes on the DNS server side) or does all it do is clean up IPAM?

      - I could delete them of the above manually (there aren't 100's of them)  but is hitting "Scan" a better way to initiate a cleanup?  I don't want to set up an entire non-prod Orion and configure IPAM just to play around.


      Thanks in advance!

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          It looks like you just select and "delete it" via "remove DNS zones". These hanging around may be an issue with IPAM not scanning anymore and not performing the updates itself, or, in my case, there WAS a single cinfig somewhere that was not cleaned up on one of teh DNS servers.

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