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    NetFlow reporting fields




      I need to perform an audit of the existing NetFlow environment to see what is being monitored and what data is coming into the database. SNMP etc.


      What is the best way to develop a report for this, since I don't know the database field name and descriptions?


      Is there a listing of the database field name and descriptions?



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          Are your asking to generate an actual report on the list of all devices/nodes including interfaces that are using NTA application? and what data are they collecting?


          Do you mind telling the version of your NTA?

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              Hi ice;




              Thanks for getting back to me. I am working with SVBank on this analysis.




              Orion 2014.2.1


              Qoe 1.0


              IPAM 4.3


              NCM 7.3.2


              NPM 11.0.1


              NTA 3.11.0


              IVIM 1.10.0




              I need to audit all of the NetFlow Sources that are reporting to NetFlow to ensure that we are getting all of the devices reporting correctly and also see what version of NetFlow is on the router/switch.




              Is the database schema available for the NetFlow database fields so that I can see all of the reporting fields available? This is the first of many audits that I need to do.




              All Router details


                              Status up or down




                              Machine type, etc






              All Interface details






                              Type of service


                              NetFlow Version






              I need to use the Report writer for this type of detain and then I need to export this to a spreadsheet for analysis.




              This is a learning experience for me, and I need to understand all of the various database fields that I can access for the report writer.




              Once I have this first one I can probably do it on my own.

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                Hi ice;




                I also think that I might have aproblem with the report writer. After I copy and create a new report, I don’t have the SQL Tab so that I can see the query or even create an advanced query.