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    DPA Assistance for SSAS Monitoring


      Can you please advise if anything we can monitor for SSAS (SQL Analysis Services) in Ignite (DPA) , we are interested to capture below details for SSAS Server.


      SSAS Instance level monitoring:

      Service state

      Memory Configuration Conflict with SQL Server

      TotalMemoryLimit Configuration

      Memory Usage

      Memory Usage on the Server

      Processing Pool I/O Job Queue length

      Processing Pool Job Queue length

      Query Pool Queue length

      Default Storage Free Space

      CPU utilization


      SSAS Database level monitoring:


      Current Queries

      Active Sessions

      Dormant Sessions





      Database Free Space

      Blocking Duration

      Blocking Session Count

      SSAS Partition level monitoring

      Partition Storage Free Space

      A number of performance collection rules


      Additional :

      SSAS 2012: Database Disk Free Space (GB)

      SSAS 2012: Database Drive Space Used By Others (GB)

      SSAS 2012: Cache Evictions/sec

      SSAS 2012: Cache Inserts/sec

      SSAS 2012: Cache KB added/sec

      SSAS 2012: CPU utilization (%)

      SSAS 2012: Processing Rows read/sec

      SSAS 2012: Storage Engine Query Rows sent/sec