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    Where can I trim my NPM database to get back some space?


      We're soon to be upgrading our environment to the latest and greatest version of Solarwinds products. We use NCM and NPM amongst others. When we come round to upgrading NCM to 7.3 we are going to merge databases, problem is our SQL SERVER 2008 R2 is more or less full: 44GB used 1GB free.


      On a side note does SQL server 2008 R2 have a fixed size limitation like SQL server 2005 express (4GB) or is it dependant of the disk space available to it? That is to say it'll grow until there's no more room to grow into.


      Anyway I've previously deleted data from tables dbo.CacheDiffResults and  dbo.Audit table on our NCM database and this proved to be safe as all that was in these tables was Audit: logs of jobs ran from NCM and CacheDiffResults contained data which was gathered when a config download ran that found differences in config. I suppose this data was used to create config change  reports. The way I did this was anything before a certain date, specified in a SQL query was deleted.


      I'm wondering there are similar tables in NetPerfMon database that I could safely delete old data from? I see that some of our largest tables are things such as dbo.CPULoad_Detail and dbo.InterfaceTraffic_detail......I'm guessing the contents of these tables is polled data pertaining to Interface traffic and CPU load on monitored devices and I am guessing that I could trim this by changing the statistic retention period to a shorter one? However what I'd rather do is find a table such as the Audit one mentioned above and remove old data from that.

      I've had a look at the reports available from SQL Server management studio to list  disk space usage and can't seem to find a table that fits the bill, besides if I chose one I wouldn't be sure exactly what was in it.

      Any thoughts? TIA