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    LEM 6.1 Release Candidate: Notes & Info

    nicole pauls

      The new LEM release candidate is here, the new LEM release candidate is here! Be sure to check out the Product Blog post for more pictures and info: Check Out Quicker & Easier Config with the Log & Event Manager v6.1 Release Candidate - Now Available!


      WHAT'S NEW IN LEM 6.1


      • New Getting Started settings wizard(s) for quickly accessing all critical LEM configuration settings
      • New Rules Wizard to find rules of interest and enable them en masse with alert notifications (email and infer/incident) by category/subcategory
      • Fixes, of course - notably to IIS, Workstation Edition support for 8.1, and support for SQL Auditor on SQL 2014

      Full release notes and documentation will be up with the official release - if you have any questions about specific features or fixes, be sure to post here.


      We're interested in testing of all new features and any of you that have had issues resolved. Specifically:

      • Using the new basic settings wizard (to configure email, active directory connectivity)
      • Using the add node wizard from within the getting started wizard (to access agent installers and scan for new syslog nodes)
      • Accessing the training videos from within the getting started wizard
      • Using the Add Rules wizard (either from the getting started wizard or Build > Rules)
      • Using and configuring the IIS (and related) connectors without making changes or jumping through extra hoops as before
      • Using Windows 8.1 with Workstation Edition licensing
      • Using SQL Auditor on SQL 2014




      • Appliances of all types (manager/single appliance, database server, logging server, etc)
      • Console (web and AIR)
      • Reports
      • Agents
      • SQL Auditor (for 2014 support)



      All of these details and more are in the Upgrade Guide, included in the upgrade download. This is the same procedure as previous LEM upgrades.

           NOTE: You must first be running LEM version  6.0.1 before upgrading to 6.1.

      To upgrade:

      1. Download the upgrade zip file from the Customer Portal (you'll see an RC listed, then the first download will be the Upgrade zip file).
      2. Extract it somewhere.
      3. Create a network share and copy/move the "TriGeo" and "Upgrade" files to the root of the share.
      4. Log in to your LEM appliance(s) and run the "upgrade" command in the Advanced Configuration/CMC.
        1. If you have multiple appliances, upgrade the core manager appliance first, the rest in any order.
        2. You will be prompted for two possible scenarios: if you don't have enough space for us to guarantee all data will migrate; and to make an archive or take a snapshot since the upgrade is irreversible.




      • RC1 Issues:
        • We've seen cases where reconfiguring an existing Active Directory connection using the settings wizard may stop the connector. We've also seen issues with the "test" failing where TLS isn't being used with AD, even though things look fine.
      • Upgrading agents:
        • If you don't want agents to automatically upgrade, you can disable global automatic updates from Manage>Appliances, or individual agents from Manage>Nodes. You can always push out agents manually from the Console even if you disable automatic updates, just go to Manage>Nodes, select the agent, and push.
        • Agents running on Solaris 9 and AIX 5.3 and earlier may automatically upgrade but fail to start. We're working on a way to prevent those agents from upgrading, but if this happens, you'll need to go back to the LEM 5.3.1 agent version. If you can catch them before upgrading, you can disable automatic updates to those agents from Manage>Nodes in the console.
      • If you're using the AIR Console, there might be certificate warnings that prevent you from installing. The workaround is to uninstall/reinstall the AIR console.
      • As always, if you encounter any issues with the upgrade, are confused by the prompts, or wish the documentation included something, please let us know.


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