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    Port Management customization?


      I put this in the User Device Tracker section as I was initially hoping to use the Port Management tool for what I'm needing to do.  Before I say what I'm trying to accomplish, I should note that I am not the Solarwinds administrator and am more or less what you could consider to be a "power user", however the admin is happy to make any changes that I request.  Oh, and I'm new.


      What I'm trying to accomplish:  I am needing to administratively disable approx. 12,000 (not in use) ports on approx 1200 switches.  While each switch is supposed to have a standardized configuration (PCx goes into Port3) they have failed to adhere to the standard and things are plugged in where-ever.  The changes will be applied in a few stages over the span of a month or three, but the end result will be that 12,000 ports have been disabled.  I created a report to to show all of the ports admin status, operational status, and last change.  The last change is important so I do not shut down a port that shows down merely because a PC was turned off a day ago.  I was initially hoping to use the Port Management tool to make the change due to its ability to sort and mass check multiple items quickly.  Unfortunately, the Port Management tool seems to be lacking the ability to customize the columns it displays.  When I click the >> to add more columns, I am only given Node, MAC Address, Index, Type, Description, and Monitored as options.  I checked with the admin in case I was missing something and was told that he does not know of any way to customize Port Management. 


      So, is this true?  If so, does anyone have an idea of how I can easily accomplish this task?  I considered a configuration script, but again each switches connections will vary. 


      Thanks for the help.

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          I'm sure there's a better way, but here is the round about way that I accomplished this:


          First, I created a port to show all down interfaces that were not already administratively down and had been down for 30+ days.

          Next, I created a custom property for interfaces.  Then, I took my down interfaces report, exported it, removed all columns except for the "FullName" and created a new column for the custom property I created.

          I populated the new column with a value, in my case simply "down." 

          Finally, I went to Node Management, selected Interfaces from the Show dropdown, and sorted by my custom property.