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    UDP - Tabular - Select Rows to Display for all views




      We have a UDP for HP Blade Enclosures that returns a table with a list of the Blade Slots, whether they are populated or not, serial number of Blade (if present) and Type of Blade (model),


      I have created a Node Details view specifically targeting the HP Blade Enclosures and to this added a Tabular Universal Device Poller.


      When I display the HP Blade Enclosure Node Details page I then see the Tabular UDP panel which I can then edit to pick the UDPs to display.


      When I edit the Tabular UDP, I select the UDP's to display and select the Poller from which the label is taken. All good so far.


      Now comes my problem.


      It appears that the HP Blade Enclosures always return 48 rows for the table (i.e. you can have 48 blades in the enclosure (spread across multiple cabinets)) even if not all the slots/cabinets exist).


      In our shop, the standard setup for HP Blade Enclosures is never to have more than 16 Blades in any one enclosure so we will never have blades 17-48 reporting anything of use/value.


      When I am editing the Tabular UDP - in the Select Rows to Display section, I ensure only rows 1-16 are ticked and deselect rows 17-48. Then click Submit.


      This appears to work - but only for the actual Node that I happen to have been using as the displaying node in order to see the table and edit it.


      When I select another HP Blade Enclosure Node view, its UDP tabular display has 48 rows display and it appears I have to display each HP BE Node and edit each UDP Tabular view individually to deselect rows 17-48 for each one.


      Is there something I am missing here? Is there some way to do this once and have it "stick" for every Node that uses that Tabular UDP rather than having to edit each one?


      We have a lot of HP BEs (over 50) and it would be nice to simplify the process (I imagine this type of issue would apply to other Tabular UDPs also).


      Any and all help is appreciated.