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    What is the best way to merge an IPAM install NPM?


      Several years ago stood up an install of IPAM to get our IP management under control.  This past fall we started evaluating NPM along with several other components.  Those are now in production in their own Orion environment with IPAM remaining isolated.  We are wanted to expand IPAM to other groups in our organization and feel it would be super beneficial to merge the environments.  Has anyone done anything like this before and if so is there anything we need to watch out for?



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          We decided to forge ahead so I wanted to list out what we did in case there are future newbie's like ourselves that find themselves in a similar situation.


          • We exported all networks from our IPAM server
          • We parked the license on our IPAM server
          • Then we installed IPAM on our new Orion environment and applied the license
          • We initially started importing the network spreadsheets into the new install.  This was arduous because IPAM exports each network into a separate spreadsheet.  We couldn't find a way export into one spreadsheet or merge into one spreadsheet that would successfully import.  We finally decided to just scan the DHCP server which worked great.
          • Then we imported only those networks that are not part of DHCP.
          • The last step was to export and import the alerts and set up user rights.


          Hope this helps.



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              For future users, I'm wondering if there is a way you could have done this all via the IPAM database. Either copy the IPAM SQL DB to the new NPM server (backup/restore), or when you do the NPM install, point it at the IPAM server's SQL instance.


              What I'd like to see in IPAM is snapshot-like granularity in export and import. It would make some nasty scenarios easier.