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    Reporting nodes not configured for hardware polling?


      Using the new web-based report writer I built a report that shows gives my all of the nodes that are not reporting a valid hardware status (up/warning/critical).  Summarized the report by the team that owns the node (we use a custom property called OwnerGroup for that data) and did a count plus included the nodes, grouped by OwnerGroup, for the team to investigate.


      All good.  But what about those nodes that *should* be configured to collect hardware status but were not set up correctly?


      I thought that would be an easy fix.  I used the same report template and then started searching for the information contained in the Node Details > Hardware field on the Node Details > Summary view (at least by default -- you might have changed your views).  Huh?  I couldn't find it.  I found everything else, but I can't seem to find this field.  If I could the data would be nice and easy.  I'd check for any node that didn't say 'Virtual'.


      Can I do this without using a custom SQL query?  I'll do it if I have to but it just makes the supportability for new engineers a little more challenging going forward.



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          Yes, hardware health details can only be available if its already enabled.. Can't you just add the condition from your report where Node Name does not contain "Virtual"?


          To enable hardware health for devices in bulk, I suppose you can do a scheduled Network Discovery for all your managed devices..

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              I ended up putting together a custom SQL report to grab the data I needed.  Basically, I grab the nodes that don't exist in the APM_HardwareInfo table and don't exist in the VIM_VirtualMachines table.  Seemed to work -- although it does require that NPM's IVIM module is set up correctly and that virtual machines are managed nodes in NPM.


              SELECT Nodes.NodeID, Nodes.Caption, Nodes.ObjectSubType, Nodes.IP_Address, Nodes.MachineType, Nodes.Prod_State, Nodes.OwnerGroup  FROM Nodes

              LEFT OUTER JOIN APM_HardwareInfo ON Nodes.NodeID = APM_HardwareInfo.NodeID

              LEFT OUTER JOIN VIM_VirtualMachines VM ON Nodes.NodeID = VM.NodeID

              WHERE ObjectSubType <> 'ICMP'

              AND APM_HardwareInfo.NodeID IS NULL

              AND VM.NodeID IS NULL

              ORDER BY Nodes.Caption

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                  Hi Joshua,

                  It looks like in my environment it picks up all VMs as well. I have checked VIM_VirtualMachines table and it is empty (I am on NPM 11.5) - that's why I guess. What did you mean by "IVIM module is set up correctly"?

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                      Alex, sorry -- bad writing skills are to blame.  There are two conditions that must exist.  First, VMs must be managed nodes in NPM and second, in a multi-poller environment IVIM needs to have both hosts and the vCenter that manage them assigned to the same poller.  If you only have a single poller then you can ignore that 'IVIM set up correctly' comment.


                      I would also recommend polling hosts through vCenter rather than directly.  That is a task for IVIM even if you have VMAN in the mix, but I'm just splitting hairs now