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    Need Help With Odd Networking Issue




      2 ISP connected to barracuda link balancers behind Cisco ASA


      We host multiple applications internally that are accessible from the outside. The two  we are seeing the most issues with are Webmail(call is https://webmail.company.com) and a  Child Support App (call it https://childsupport.childsupport.com)


      Each application has 2 IP addresses 1 from each ISP


      From outside of the network you are able to establish a connection  to one of the two, but never both*See note1 below.  So if you are able to access https://webmail.company.com you will not be able to access (https://childsupport.childsupport.com) and vice versa. A few people cant get to either.


      From inside the network both services work fine.


      All hosted on same Virtual environment,  IP addresses are within 5 of each other.


      We can see the clients packets hitting the server, but when the server replies they never make it back to client.



      Note1: When testing from Amsterdam using pingdom the test was successful to both


      • Opened tickets with both ISPs,
      • Rebooted ASA
      • Rebooted Link balancers
      • Rebooted Application Servers
      • Some of our applications are working for everyone on the outside.



      I apologize that the above sounds like the rants of a crazy person!