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    Is Patch Manager dead?

    Andrew M

      It's been over a year since the last feature update to Patch Manager and almost as long since the last update of any kind. There hasn't been any word since then about any progress towards future product updates or bug fixes. I have to wonder, is SolarWinds still maintaining this product or is it now just a matter of updating the catalog and collecting maintenance fees? Since SolarWinds acquired Eminentware in 2012, feature updates to Patch Manager seem to have been less and less frequent. The product is in need of a UI update and still has many long-standing bugs that need fixing. As I prepare to ask my department to renew our maintenance I'd like to be able to tell them what we're getting in return for our annual fee. So can anyone tell me what the Patch Manager product team is working on?

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          Patch Manager is not dead. But you are right about the release history. We were not able to deliver a major release of Patch Manager in 2014. This is not normal for SolarWinds and we are working to get on a more standard SolarWinds release cadence. This product has been under active development since the 2.0 release, but we haven't done a good job communicating why we hadn't released anything or that we were indeed still working on it.


          I'm sure you are familiar with the "What We Are Working On" posts. The current Patch Manager post is from immediately after the 2.0 release and we have been working on these enhancements since then. Unfortunately we haven't shared more details about the specifics.The good news is a Beta survey is scheduled to go out tomorrow to invite eligible customers to provide feedback. Along with this beta invite, we will also be posting screenshots and details about the features we have been working on in the Product Blog. chrispaap will be posting those details and inviting customers shortly. He will update this thread once that information is live.


          As you mentioned, the content catalog is extremely valuable, and I think we've done a good job of staying on these updates and helping administrators keep their applications up to date with this data. This is not a trivial effort as we devote considerable effort to creating and testing the deployment rules and packages. Hopefully this is a good indicator about our intentions for continued investment around this product.


          In addition to the good news about the upcoming release, I am also working on sharing more details about where Patch Manager fits in to the overall SolarWinds family. We've started to make some small changes, but you should start to notice more focus around IT Security from us. We believe that SolarWinds is uniquely positioned to bridge gaps in the IT department and deliver solutions that make it easier to keep your environment secure. Patch Manager plays a crucial role in how administrators and technicians ensure security for their environment and it's critical that we make these products easier to use and more powerful.


          If you are available, I'd like to have a phone call with you to discuss our long term ideas for Patch Manager and get your input on what exactly you'd like to see from the product.


          Thank you for the constructive approach to your concern and being open to a conversation. If there is anything else we can do to assure you about our commitment here, please don't hesistate to ask.



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            I have posted Patch Manager 2.1 Beta 1 which contains the Beta survey and signup.  The post will contain a high level view of some of the features that have been added to Patch Manager 2.1, please check it out and sign up if you have the opportunity to participate.    Again thank you for your constructive feedback and interest in Patch Manager.