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    Solarwinds Sales Emails


      I get annoyed when I get generic emails touting Solarwinds products which we already own.

      Surely it wouldn't be difficult to filter out customers who already have particular products from these emails?

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          Hey, pgaryga, I apologize for any inconvenience or annoyance.  We do look at product ownership when sending marketing emails and try to exclude customers who already own products that we are highlighting. 


          We also do send out educational emails on products customers may already own when we think a white paper or webinar might help customers better use their existing products.  We have gotten feedback from other customers that they would like see these types of educational assets and resources.  If our filtering method is missing you, there is an option to un-subscribe from marketing emails using the link at the bottom of the emails. 


          We are always trying to improve so thank you for your feedback.