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    Acrobat 11 Full version package missing


      I apologize if this has already been answered.  I did search before posting but it's possible I missed it.


      When we on-board new customers for Patch Management, we usually run reports to see their current state of 3rd party software which PM supports updating by default.  My issue is with getting old versions of Acrobat up to the latest.  In a normal scenario we would get a test group together which has the older versions of the software, create a PM group in PM that includes those systems, then run Update jobs to update their software to the latest.


      When attempting  to do this for a customer with very old versions of Acrobat (old versions range from 6 to 10) I am unable to find the full packages for Acrobat 11 to publish.  I've searched in the catalog and I was able to find a full package for Acrobat 10.x.  Is it possible that the package was deleted from the catalog and if so, is there a way to get the default package back.  I understand I could create a custom package as well, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something first.



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          Lawrence Garvin

          You're not missing anything. There are Acrobat v9 update packages in the catalog, which were packaged prior to the SolarWinds acquisition of EminentWare. The Acrobat v10 and Acrobat v11 packages only come from Adobe via the Adobe Acrobat catalogs, and as far as I understand, those are update-only packages and require a pre-existing instance of Acrobat. I'm not aware that a full-installation for Acrobat would exist, since Adobe controls access to those binaries through product sales and licensing.


          Generally speaking, you would need to create a custom package to deploy a fresh installation of Acrobat v11.