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    VMan - Hyper-V Discovery failure


      I am working on an internal POC and as such have deployed the Trial version of the appliance in our Hyper-V environment.


      I have added the following


      1. 2 x Hyper-V management hosts

      2. 2 x Hyper-V compute hosts

      3. 2 x VMware Virtual Centers


      Data is being successfully collected for 1 and 3 above, but not 2.


      A local WMI query on each compute host is successful

      doing a remote query to each host - using the credentials defined in VMan configuration is also successful


      The configuration summary shows a red exclamation mark with the following detail


      Hyper-V discovery for this job has not run or there are no hosts!


      The master.log contains


      2015-01-13 11:59:47,759


      ERROR com.hyper9.service.scheduler.jobs.SchedulerDataCollectionJob:288 - HYPER V Discovery hasn't run, or hasn't resolved any hosts! correlationId=721dd8b9-1706-4a60-aa5a-13e701256f83


      Can anyone suggest further troubleshooting steps please?