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    Assigning tickets to other techs


      We are a small team of techs and need the ability to assign tickets to each other. Is that possible so that tech A can open a ticket for tech B? In the admin panel I can't find an option for that.

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          I might not understand what you're asking. Once a ticket is created, you can pick what tech it goes to, so yes. Tech A can create a ticket, and assign it to Tech B.

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            What you are asking for is very possible.


            If a tech creates a ticket, you have the options to assign the ticket to the attached Tech Group or yourself.  Tech groups are tied to the Request Type.  The Tech Group is in Settings - > Techs -> Tech Groups and can be configured to assign in a lot of different ways (by assigning a ticket based on load of tickets or always assigning tickets to one person). 


            Once you create the ticket however, you have full control of reassigning it.  Open the ticket and change the dropdown of Assigned Tech to another person and click Save. 


            If you have different areas of expertise, I would create different tech groups for each area.  That way, when you create a ticket with the request type in one of these areas, it will want to assign it to that Tech Group.  But again, you always have the manual control once the ticket is made to assign it to someone else

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              We have found a way around this issue by creating quick tickets which lets you assign a technician during ticket creation.