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    Unable to get the information I want from an emailed alert


      Hey guys,


      So, I'm not sure if it's even possible to fix, however here's my problem:


      *Unfortunately I cannot put screenshots on here....sorry*



      I'm setting up my email alerts for when a node goes down.  Logged into my server, and I have the Advanced Alert Manager up.  I'm getting emails, via the test button, so those settings are correct.  However, I'm not able to get the info I'm wanting from the alert.  When I click on

      1) "Alert me when a node goes down"

      2) Click on Edit

      3) Trigger Actions

      4) Send E-Mail/Page to

      5) Edit Selected Actions

      6) Message Tab



      Now, I have ${NodeName} which gives me the node name that I want, however, I want the Group name as well to be included in the email.  Even typing in ${GroupName} doesn't return anything like it does when I click on the Alert me when a group goes down.  What I would like to see is :


      Group Name: Group A

      Node Name: Node A

      Node IP: xx.xx.xx.xx

      Node Status: Node A is Down/UP


      The above is just a quick example.


      Any help would be awesome, or maybe even ideas that I might be able to try.  I'm thinking I might have to do a custom SQL alert...but I'm a bit lost when it comes to stuff like that.



        • Re: Unable to get the information I want from an emailed alert

          Looks like I fixed it....for me at least.  Not sure of how accurate this is.


          Under the "Trigger Condition" Tab there is a drop down menu called "Type of Property to Monitor".  I changed this to Group Member.  Within the trigger actions tab, I have the email alert, I set ${GroupName} and ${ObjectName}.  It seems to be working now with the group and nodes being listed as down within the email.

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