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    Query - help with joins


      Hello guys,

      I'm very new to Orion and would like to pull some custom info with SWQL.

      I'm trying to get App Name, Server Names, Component Name and Statistic Data for that component.

      I've learned about Navigation Properties and got at least something going:

      Select Name, I.Components.ComponentName, I.Node.SysName

      FROM Orion.APM.Application I

      Where I.Components.ComponentName='Number of Active Sessions'


      This is good. Now I need to add the ComponentStatisticData FROM Orion.APM.CurrentStatistics table.

      There is no navigation property to that table from Orion.APM.Application. I've been trying to play around with inner joins but my syntax must be incorrect.


      How can I build this view.

      Also, where can I learn more how to use SWQL? I found some tips on here and thanks to that I was able to even get something going:


      SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: How to use SolarWinds Query Language (SWQL)


      Thanks for any help.

        • Re: Query - help with joins

          Try this for your query:


          FROM Orion.APM.Application A
          JOIN Orion.APM.CurrentStatistics S on S.ApplicationID = A.ApplicationID AND S.ComponentID = A.Components.ComponentID
          WHERE A.Components.ComponentName = 'Number of Active Sessions'


          As far as learning more about SWQL... Practice practice practice. Having a solid understanding of SQL can really help, so taking some free training on t-SQL language online is a really good start. Past that, I've found that the members of this forum are outstanding!



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