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    Connection Closed error when querying SWQL


      I am getting a weird connection closed error when I try to do a more complex SWQL over the QueryXML service interface.  Here are my queries.


      This one works and returns a response just fine.

      SELECT NodeId, Caption, UnManaged FROM Orion.Nodes WHERE NodeID = 63 RETURN XML AUTO


      This one fails and returns a server closed the connection error when querying over the server however it works just fine when doing the query in the SWQL Studio.

      SELECT A.Name, B.NodeID, B.UnManaged, B.UnManageUntil from Orion.ContainerMembers A, Orion.Nodes B where A.MemberPrimaryID = B.NodeID and A.ContainerID = 23 RETURN XML AUTO


      Any ideas on where I am going wrong on something simple like this?