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    F5 - Is there a way to monitor up/down status of Virtual Servers, Pools, and their members?




      I am wondering if there is a way to monitor the up/down status of virtual servers, pools, and the pool members on an F5 device. I am very inexperienced with MIBs and OIDs, but am willing to learn how to use them. Also if this functionality is coming in a newer version of the solarwinds software(s) than i might just wait for this functionality.


      I found some information on what a MIB and what an OID are cited here (How do SNMP, MIBs and OIDs work? | Paessler Knowledgebase)


      MIB stands for Management Information Base and is a collection of information organized hierarchically. These are accessed using a protocol such as SNMP. There are two types of MIBs: scalar and tabular. Scalar objects define a single object instance whereas tabular objects define multiple related object instances grouped in MIB tables.


      OIDs or Object Identifiers uniquely identify manged objects in a MIB hierarchy. This can be depicted as a tree, the levels of which are assigned by different organizations. Top level MIB object IDs (OIDs) belong to different standard organizations. Vendors define private branches including managed objects for their own products.


      I am basically thinking of a MIB as a table with hashes. I also found that i can poll devices with the snmpwalk tool on my solarwinds servers under the Solarwinds\Orion\ folder called snmpwalk.exe. I ran this against one of my F5 load balancer devices and was able to get a text file out of the deal. But at this point im stuck trying to figure out what exactly i need from it to start polling each virtual machine seperately.


      Has anyone else done this? can you point me in the right direction if you have?


      Thank you,