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    How can I add Juniper Devices to NPM Layer 2 Topology Map?


      Hello anybody,

      I had added a Juniper SSG 140 and an SSG 320. This process had worked perfect.


      But when I add the devices in my Layer 2 Topology of my company (In Orion Atlas) no Layer 2 Connections were displayed, even though there are lots of active Layer 2 connections on both devices. The Solarwinds Support said, it is caused on the wrong oids of the devices. When i show to the ressources of the Devices displayed in the Device Configuaration i don't see the Option "Topology Layer 2". But i have other devices which didn't display this point too, and these Devices are displaying there Layer 2 Connections in the Topology Map anyway.


      Can somebody help my or had somebody a scenario like this working?


      Best regards