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    USB authorized group


      I'm wondering how to setup a USB authorized group. I'm looking at the AUTHORIZED USB DEVICES group and it's asking for Name, Data and Description. What exactly do I need to input for it to understand the type of USB device?


      Thank you

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          The reason I ask is because I want to get this right the first time If I disable the wrong USB I could break close to 1500 machines - so I'm treading lightly.


          I basically need to allow (2) certain USB devices. One is a an 'aladin' usb stick used by our field vendors. The second is actually an SDcard for our SSD systems. The SDcard is used for data backups - but Solarwinds is recognizing it as a USB device. No problem there, I just need to make sure that is on the whitelist as well.

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            1. Create a Group

            2. Create a Rule


            Group: Name it whatever such as USB Whitelist or Authorize USB List

            Name the deivce whatever you want.  I ususally name it as it is detected from the Event Info, such as Kingston_Encrypted_4GB_NetworkAccount

            The Data on the other hand has to be the Extraneous Info detected by Solarwinds, such as USB\VID_04B9&PID_1202\7&2EEFC4ED&0&1

            The Description is for your own notes.  I ususally put in the name if the user followed by the request ticket number and when I added this device.

            So what counts here is the DATA!  It has to match exactly, no typos or spaces.


            Rule: Name it whatever such as USB Rule


                 SystemStatus.EventInfo = *attached*


                 SystemStatus.ProviderSID = *USB*


                 SystemStatus.ExtranousInfo <DoesNotContain> (group: Authorize USB List)

            Correlation TIme

                 1 Event within 15 seconds/10 min response window


                 Detached USB Device