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    Automate the population of custom properties for Nodes


      Hi all,


      is there any way to automate the creation of custom properties for nodes?


      I have a company who requires the population many custom properties per node. Which is preventing the custom properties from being added because engineers find it so time consuming and laborious.


      The information in the Node's systemName would be very suitable to use for this process. for example


      Switch name could be US-1234-SW

      US = Country

      1234 = Site Locale

      SW = Switch/Device type


      the custom properties would primarily be based around 'Country' and 'Locale' whereby if 1234 is present in the node name several custom properties would identify the site name, the site address etc. if the country is 'US' then the primary contact custom property should be 'John Smith'


      is there any way to automate this? We use the automated discovery which is only half the battle but I would love a way to do this with custom properties also?


      thank in advance