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    What is CPU in Resources really reporting on?


      I see the CPU Utilization by Sybase (%) is reporting 98% as a high and overy 80% most of the time for the past 3 days.  According to the explanation bubble - CPU is "Percent of CPU being utilized by the database instance which is a subset of teh CPU utilized by the entire system"   There are 3 Sybase ASE servers on this Unix lpar, but only one of the ASE instances is reporting this high CPU.   Based on this, I asssume it's the CPU allocated to the SYBASE ASE that is being over utilized, so the corrective action would be to determine what is using the CPU and fix it or add additional engines to the ASE Instance.


      Is there any way to determine through Solarwinds what is utlizing the CPU?

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          What version of Sybase are you monitoring?  If you are running 15.7, we are aware of an inconsistency in our calc.  We do a regex in java with the results, but pull the raw data from Sybase itself (monEngine table).


          If within DPA, you drill into a specific day trend, use the interval dropdown and set it to 1 day.  Then click on that vertical bar.  That will take you into the detail for that day.  Click on the waits tab and you should see the different activities.  Click on which activity you would like to see and it will list the SQL statements contributing most to that activity.