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    Invoke over SOAP to unmanage / remanage


      I am trying to figure out how to use the sample C# client provided in the SDK to make it Unmanage / Remanage Nodes.  I can query against the soap api just fine and process the date but upon trying to invoke the unmanage verb I am getting a soap fault.  My guess that I am not formatting my response correctly.  I can see that the verb requires NodeID, UnManageFrom, UnManageUntil, and IsRelative parameters but my invoke call keeps failing and I can't seem to retrieve the actual soap fault message.  In the sample API C# client, I see where they made a POCO AlertInfo object and then serialized it to XML before converting into the ArrayofXMLElement.  I am not clear on where those object names and type definitions came from to be able to confirm the proper Node information is being send back.  Any guidance would be really helpful.


      Thanks, Jason