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    Monitoring ADSL circuits with Cisco 877 and 887's




      We have over 100 ADSL sites on our network and we just acquired Solarwinds last year and we are implementing it as a replacement to Cacti as our primary NMS.


      I have a problem however when discovering the nodes within Solarwinds (NMP11) and monitoring the nodes the stats that they are given us is very odd for instance it's using the dialler interface so showing that it's always bursting the tx rate etc.


      Can anyone tell me what interfaces they use to monitor their circuit from:


      • ATM0 - AT0

      • ATM0-atm layer
      • ATM0.0-atm subif
      • ATM0-aal5 layer
      • ATM0.0-aal5 layer
      • ATM0-adsl - AT0-adsl
      • Ethernet0-vdsl2 - Et0-vdsl2
      • Vlan1 · **data lan**
      • Vlan100 · **voice lan**
      • ATM0.1-atm subif
      • ATM0.1-aal5 layer
      • Virtual-Access1 - Vi1
      • Dialer1

      Virtual-Access2 - Vi2

      Any help would be appreciated as I am seeing very inconsistent results plus making the NMS very noisy when people look at it for stats etc.