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    All nodes on map are gray

    Roger Sween

      Not sure why, but when going to the maps on the Orion Solarwinds page, every single node is gray. It doesnt matter what map you choose, be it one of our servers, switches or misc, all nodes are gray and the lines connecting them are pink. the maps look fine in Network Atlas however.


      The tech had me do all of this, and this did not work at all




      1. Before we begin we may have to disable Windows UAC on this server.  If it is already disabled, then we can continue, if not we have to set this as disabled and then reboot the server.  If UAC is enabled we will not be able to reinstall the Job Engine v1.

      2. Open the Orion Service manager: Start-> All Programs->SolarWinds Orion-> Advanced Features-> Orion Service Manager.  Then select Shutdown All Services.  Wait for all services to come to a stopped state before continuing.

      3. In the Control Panel go to add/remove programs (or programs and features in server 2008).
      Right click and uninstall the following applications:

      SolarWinds Collector Service
      SolarWinds Information Service
      SolarWinds Job Engine v1
      SolarWinds Job Engine v2

      4. Once you have uninstalled this, please navigate to the following folder (please note that these are hidden folders by default):
      Windows 2003:
      C:\Documents and settings\All Users\Application data\SolarWinds\Installers

      Windows 2008/2012:

      5. Once there, please run and install the CollectorInstaller.msi, JobEngine.msi, JobEngine.v2.msi, and InformationService.msi

      6. You can then use the Orion Service manager to Start All Services.

      This is what I see



      This is what it should look like



      Note the square VS round, and everything gray??

      Tried creating new maps, and when displayed, it still is all gray.

      Does anyone have a solution to this issue?