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    Alert central stopped receiving alerts through Direct Connection


      So as of the last week of December when most people were away, I've noticed that my alert central stopped receiving alerts from NPM and SAM. I was confused as it was just working fine. I started digging thinking maybe a firewall was blocking them but the specific network they are on doesn't go through a firewall or IPS. so that ruled that out. I then I thought maybe the server needs a reboot. that didn't work still no alerts except our NPM installation and SAM show new alerts under the alerts tab. All Alerts are configured with share the alert with them. I thought maybe the connections to our SAM and NPM is somehow corrupted. I deleted and remade both. Still nothing. Last ditch effort. I backed up and redeployed the OVA of alert central on our VMware ESXi Server. Still no dice.
      the only thing we get are emails I set up to tell us when a node become active again through reset alert actions, these emails go to alert central email box and still route properly. So this seems to still be working. So it seems like maybe our NPM and SAM installs are messed up. The only thing I did before that was updating the License of the SAM and NPM with our renewed ones because we got more nodes. This never affected anything before but I don't know what else it could be.


      Does anyone have any clue as to what could be stopping them from working?


      No definition updates, or ACLs have been applied, it was working for almost a year before this. Absolutely nothing changed as I am in charge of that network and my boss is in charge of the routing and switching .


      I would open a case with Solarwinds but they told me before to never say Alert central in the case because they wont work on it. so how do I tell them that their alert forwarding to alert central stopped working on two different servers after I upgraded the licenses?

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          Did you perform any SolarWinds upgrades prior to the connection breaking?  I've noticed something like this in the past and the workaround I found was to just re-create the connection in Alert Central.  Copying over all my custom group routing took some time, but after making a fresh connection to the Orion server, alerts began coming in again.  You might give this a try to see if that can solve your problem.

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              The only thing I did before it stopped working was upgrade the licenses with our new renewals.


              as of this morning I redeployed the alert central OVF and set it up from scratch for the third time and we just started to get alerts. I'm still confused as to what caused this. Hopefully it doesn't do this next year when we renew or update licenses.


              Recreating all the alert central connections was the first thing I tried. Nothing would come in. it was weird.


              now just setting up my rules again will be the fun part.