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    Time insert issue


      Noticed when using the SDK you have to insert the time in GMT -7 for my time zone when unmanaging. Not a big deal but how do I request a enhancement to use system time instead of having to add the code to do GMT-7 math.

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          Craig Norborg

          Hmm...  Same timezone as me!


          Your probably not using the correct functions.   Check the SWQL SDK reference guides and check into




          GetUtcDate (instead of GetDate)


          or possibly even



          A little correction in how your doing your query should accommodate for the timezone problems you're having...

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            I see on the SDK on page 29 it does say UTC.


            Here is the code for reference.


            Invoke-SwisVerb $swis Orion.Nodes Unmanage @("N:$nodeid ",$now,$later,"false") where in this case $now and $later are listed below


            $now = Wednesday, January 7, 2015 7:29:19 AM

            $later = Wednesday, January 7, 2015 2:35:19 PM