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      i've signed up for testing the beta and i was waiting for the 3PAR Support showing up some later releases.


      Now my question:

      Is the support for 3PAR devices going to happen or not?


      We'd love to use the new SRM integrating to VMAN and NPM. As we weren't happy with the current STM.


      Thanks for a follow up.


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          Hi Peter,

          3PAR support is not included in v1 of the new SRM Orion Module, but it's on the roadmap for support. As I mentioned in my initial blog post, because of the very large number of storage devices out there, the team had to make some difficult choices about which ones to support first, but we definitely don't think we're done with new device support, so stay tuned. Closer to release, I'll be updating the "What We're Working On" post for Storage to give everyone a better idea of our current priority list for extending device support.


          I'd love to have some more insight into your frustrations with our current support in Storage Manager, so I understand the use cases that are most important for you and your team and also if there is anything that can be modified to enable those use cases on the current platform. Would you be amenable to an offline conversation so I can get more details?



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            Hi Peter,


            Just to cap this thread for any watchers, 3PAR support is in the current SRM 6.1 Beta - Sneak peek at Storage Resource Monitor 6.1 Beta