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    My Dameware MiniRemote 11.1 is not installing


      When I run the DameWareMRC32-St-v11.1.exe or DameWareMRC64-St-v11.1.exe,  It appears to "unpack the binaries" then just quits.


      I had it installed and working before the holidays.When I returned I ran a PC cleaner. Afterwards, Dameware claimed that the licence had expired. I uninstalled the software at the request of IT and attempted to re-install with the results above. Any Ideas??


      The PC cleaner may or may not have had any influence in the situation. I did not run DWMRCS before the cleaner. So, I don't know if it worked directly before. I mention it only to provide a clear picture of the situation.


      Mark A Conway

      Director - Applied Technology

      Gilmore & Associates