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    ¿Failover Engine Needs Two Modules Licenses?




      I recently Inherited a NPM +SAM + FoE installation, and this is my first time using FoE.

      I started the check how it was implemented, this was a PtP installation, the network config is fine, Replication is active. Everything looks good.


      But, when i try to make a manual switchover to test real funcionality, i found that the secondary server when is active it doesnt work properly, if i try to login to the webui, i get an timeout error stating that i should start solarwinds Information service and this and that.

      Diggin in the secondary server i found to my surprise, there isn't any Solarwinds Software installed besides from FoE. The questions are.


      ¿Do i need to install all the modules i have in the primary server to the secondary? ¿Or this modules are Sync'ed from the primary to the secondary automatically? if i need to install all in the secondary matching the primary ¿How is licensing managed? ¿Do i need two licenses of NMP, two licenses of SAM? one for the primary one for the secondary.



      Thanks in advance

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          There is a document on the solarwinds website about installing applications in the FOE environment; during FOE setup it will have replicated all of the installed software, and you then need to carry out very specific steps when installing and/or upgrading additional modules. FOE takes care of the replication/licensing issues.


          It sounds to me like these were not followed by the previous admin, and they only installed them on the primary server. This is not good.

          You will need to involve support to get them installed correctly on the failover server -> it is not enough to failover and install them yourself unless you are very experienced in how to do this.

          [the FOE process only replicates the configuration files and registry settings, not the binaries; if you do a install on the secondary server after replication has happened, then the installer will not work right. The way around this is to failover, edit some files to force a complete re-install and then do the install. Support will help with this. Be clear in your support case that you need help with FOE -- most of solarwinds support have never heard of it, and will likely mess up your environment]


          For reference, here is the article: http://knowledgebase.solarwinds.com/kb/questions/1480/How+to+Upgrade+SolarWinds+Orion+when+Orion+Failover+Engine+is+Installed

          You follow the same procedure when installing new products