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    Email Settings and Scheduler Profiles


      We are evaluating FTP Voyager for automating file transfers between sites with SSL. There are two worrisome issues:


      1. Email reporting is failing. I am receiving an error in the Scheduler log stating the following:
        1. [04] Wed 31Dec14 13:43:30 - EVENT ERROR: Unable to send message to 'Test_email_Address': Unable to connect to SMTP server  on port 25.
        2. Our SMTP server is functioning with other services from this same server.
        3. I have input the SMTP information into both the FTP Voyager Options and the Scheduler Options.
        4. I have also checked the configuration files called out in another thread here and see our SMTP information correctly.
      2. I cannot create Scheduler Site Profiles directly.
        1. I have to create them in the FTP Voyager Site Profile First and then right click and select 'Copy to Scheduler'
        2. If I create them in the Scheduler Site Profile directly, none of the advanced features apply correctly and the profile will not connect to the SSL site.


      I believe the two issues may be related.  Issue number 2 is an annoyance but not a show stopper. Issue number 1 on the other hand is preventing me from completing my proof of concept and integration into monitoring.

      The scheduler service is running as a domain user with full rights to the server it's running on.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I can provide log files, screen shots, etc. if required.





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          1) If you are sure that scheduler email option are OK (From FTP Voyager, goto Tools --> Scheduler Options->Email Settings), can you double check is it possible to connect to this SMTP server - port 25 from your machine ? (by using any desktop mail client for example)

          If you still have problem provide screen shot of your settings please and part of log file - We can look at them.


          2) Which advanced features/settings don't work when you configure it from Scheduler Site Profile directly ? Can you provide screenshot and describe it with more details?




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              1. SMTP access works from a different application residing on the same server and from all other applications / servers in the domain where it is currently configured. I verified and double checked the settings to be sure.
              2. Compression Mode is the advanced setting specifically that is not applying when I create directly in the scheduler Site Profiles.
                1. The Server we connect to does not support compression. When I create the profile in FTP Voyager and disable compression, it connects properly. when I create the profile in the Scheduler, I get Z-Mode errors and it fails to connect. I've tried modifying the global settings since all our connections require this disabled however it doesn't affect the end result. Copying the profile over is the only way I have found to get this setting to actually apply.
                2. These two issues still feel connected. My educated guesses here are that FTP Voyager is not sharing settings properly with the scheduler or that the scheduler is not able to change it's own settings and therefore using defaults for all functions.
              3. A 3rd issue that we discovered while troubleshooting these issues has become apparent and I'm hoping a workaround exists for this.
                1. It would seem that access to the profiles in FTP Voyager are tied to my user account. Another Administrator here (There are 5 of us) took a look at the application and discovered that he could view the Management Console and see the scheduled Profiles but could not view them in FTP Voyager directly and therefore modify them.
                2. Is there a way to grant access to all Administrators to the Profiles so that we all see the same content and can Add/modify as needed? If not, this is another serious issue that may be an obstacle to administrating as needed in our network.
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                  Hi again,


                  1) A workaround here can be action 'Run External Program'  - you can trigger mail externally. Maybe this can be helpful in your case?

                  2) Thank you for raising this. I see the same behavior, we will investigate and correct this. For now, use copying from FTP Voyager profiles list.

                  3) Yes, FTP Voyager profiles are tied to user account (data are usually stored here C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\RhinoSoft\FTP Voyager\FTPVoyager.Archive), however Scheduler Profiles are system wide (stored in C:\ProgramData\RhinoSoft\FTP Voyager).

                  You can find more info about configuration files here:How to Back Up And Restore FTP Voyager

                  A simple workaround FTP Voyager profiles is to use export/import in Site Profile Manager.

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                      Thanks for the update.


                      The workaround for #2 is good for now and I have verified that all admins can see the Scheduler Profiles for issue #3 so we are good there.


                      Issue #1 is my only remaining problem. We are quite reliant on email notification for our alerting and monitoring tools and I was hoping to test the output that Voyager provides to see how it could be integrated into monitoring. Having to design a workaround into the pitch doesn't help sell the concept so I'll have to look into this deeper.


                      What files specifically are the scheduler looking at for the Events Tab of the task properties? Being able to trace backwards may be able to help me solve this last problem.