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    Network Response Time




      I found the training quite interesting. Have a question regarding a problem we recenlty faced in our organization that from a remote location users access multiple servers but complains slowness in only one application. Upon further investigation we verfied the ping response till gateway and that was absolutely fine, cheked other application simultaneously running from the same data center and that was also fine but when i checked the ping response till that problematic application i found high resonse time with certains ping drops as well. May have an idea of this issue? and how i can rectify this?

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          Leon Adato

          It seems like you've already narrowed it down to the server that is running the application. What are the metrics for that device - ping, CPU, RAM, etc?


          If all of those check out, then the actual application running on the server may be at fault. Without the application specifics it's hard to know where, but applications can be slow for a number of reasons even when all the hardware elements check out fine.