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    WAN SLA availability by time zone & 7x24


      Looking for an approach to being able to create a custom report that provides node availability for a given time period (typically a month) for both 7x24 but also a designated time period (7am - 5pm, 8am - 5pm, etc) and also designated days (M-F, T-Sat, etc) per node.  Also note that nodes are in different time zones.


      Report Output Thought:

      Node             7x24 Availability      Zone          Hours        Days of Week  SLA Availability

      New York      99.33                        Eastern     7am-5pm   M,T,W,H,F       92.55

      Minneapolis  99.62                        Central      8am-5pm   M,T,W,H,F       99.85

      Denver          94.99                        Mountain  9am-5pm   M,T,W,H,F       96.77


      Compromises I'm willing to make . . . Days of Week are always Monday thru Friday and hours are always the same (7am - 5pm) but definately need to be able to adjust for time zones.