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    How do I setup an advanced alert with multiple tiers of importance?


      I am looking to setup an advanced alert - One that triggers after the initial conditions are met, and then have that same alert send an email after that condition has been met for over 2 hours - alerting the network engineering department.  Like setting up tiers on the same alert? - Is this even possible, or do you have to setup 2 individual advanced alerts, and simply increase the time frame on them - to only notify certain departments after a specific amount of time.


      Not everyone needs to know if the node latency increases for 10 minutes- only 1 department - but if the node latency stays this way for 2 hours- then it is time to email network engineering to take a look.  Do I have to setup 2 advanced alerts, or is there a simple way to have this alert trigger initially, and then if it remains for 2 hours, trigger again, with a different action?