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    Finding 11.0.1 charts with "Last 2 Hours"


      I see in the NPM 11.0.1 release notes the following:


      On upgrade to the new format, old format charts with the setting Time period for Chart set to Last 2 Hours may have the configured time period changed.

      To resolve this issue, reconfigure the Time period for Chart setting to Last 2 Hours for all affected charts.


      A rather trivial task to correct if I can find all charts on all pages so configured. As i see it, my choices are...

      1. Look at every page and page tab to see how each chart is configured
      2. Wait for the SolarWinds users to call up and complain.
      3. Make a query that will report all charts time period, and their page URL/view number

      I like choice #3!!!


      Has anyone made a similar SQL query I can look over and adapt to this?